Are the Celtics actually kinda good?

celtics huddle

With the Bobcats coming to town Wednesday, the Celtics find themselves in first place atop the Atlantic Division. First place. Just about a week ago they were winless through 4 games and it was looking like Wiggins City. And then they won a game. And another. And then a crazy game against the Heat. And after beating Orlando, they can make it 5 straight with a win over Charlotte.

Part of me wants them to win and see how far they can go. They just beat the Heat (thanks to Jeff Green) without Rondo and with a rookie center (my boy Kelly “The Clinic” Olynyk) But tanking doesn’t guarantee the top pick. Look at 2007. C’s were set for the 1st or 2nd pick but got 5th. (But that worked out since they got Ray and KG and Banner 17). The point remains though.

I couldn’t be more confused on how to feel about this team. I like my man Brad Stevens and whatever he is doing seems to be working, if winning is your thing. So if the Celtics end up in the bottom of the division come April, I’ll be fine. And if they sneak into the playoffs, you gotta sit back and see how far they go.


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