Brian Wilson Picks Beard over Yankees

brian wilson beard

NESN– When it comes to choosing between his beard and baseball, Brian Wilson is sticking with his scruff. The free agent reliever has drawn interest from a significant number of teams early in the offseason and his name has been thrown around plenty at the GM meetings in Orlando, Fla., but there’s one franchise that can officially be crossed off his long list of potential landing spots. According to Andy McCullough of the Newark Star-Ledger, the New York Yankees will not be pursuing the 31-year-old right-hander because Wilson has no plans to comply with the team’s strict no facial hair policy. Wilson’s agent reportedly told Brian Cashman that his client would not be taking a razor to his iconic beard, leading the Yankees GM to rule out the possibility of the eccentric pitcher becoming a Bronx Bomber.

You think the Yankees would see what happened this year with the Sox and think, maybe we shouldn’t give a shit what kind of facial hair some guy has as long as he wins. Gomes and Napoli must be the Yankees greatest fear, just two tatted up bearded bash brothers. Unbuttoned jerseys all loose and messy. Just the total opposite of the clean pristine image the Yankees want to have (you know, aside from that big stain of A Rod)

About Wilson, I know people will say “He’ll fit in great in Boston. Blood Sweat Beards! New Hampshire guy” but there’s no need. We got the K Man himself, Koji Uehara.

PS – I always asumed Koji couldn’t grow a beard so that’s why he didn’t until I saw this pic. What gives Koji? Ah well, I don’t care anyway. The K Man can do what he wants.

koji mustache

Also, totally unrelated, but related as its a Japanese Red Sox pitcher, this picture of Daisuke is great.

daisuke funny

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