What’s the Better Shot? Seguin One Knee Empty Netter vs Globetrotter Longest Shot


So a guy on the Harlem Globetrotters just set a record for the longest basketball shot at 109 feet 9 inches.

Last night in Edmonton, Tyler Seguin sealed the win after he intercepted a pass and dumped a shot down ice from one knee towards the empty net.

So the question is: Who’s got the better shot? A world record in an empty gym or a victory clinching goal?

I have to go with Seguin. Dude looked exhausted and still managed to get the shot off and practically hit the center post in the net. Plus the Globetrotter didn’t really shoot it. That’s not a basketball shot, it’s a throw. I can’t go to a golf course and set the record for the longest drive and use an aluminum bat and have it count.


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