Nando Movie Review

So here at F&F we’ve storm brained to cover topics outside of sports and into every day life. Topics such as movies, tv shows, pizza, beer… shiazy like that.  First up for this blogger…

The Great Gatsby


Nando Rating (0-10 scale):  8.0

I liked it. Like many of you reading this, you were probably assigned this book in high school. Unlike many of you reading this…I barely ‘read’ any of it.

From those in ‘the know’ they say the movie was very close to the book – which is rare when you take a classic novel and adapt it to film – which seemed to please some.  The soundtrack kicked ass and Leo is flat out the DUDE.  Guy is good in everything I’ve seen him in.

Lastly, I waited all aucking movie to see this:

Only to find out that dance is in Wolf of Wall Street and not Great Gatsby.  doom on me


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