El Pres’s Burger Challenge Controversy

Yesterday Pres said that Wendy’s had the best fast food burgers.

His rankings were:

  1. Wendy’s
  2. McDonald’s
  3. Burger King

After the challenge, there was major controversy. Here’s what happened.

Pres ate burger 1 (Wendys) but thought it was McDonalds. He gave it an 8.

He ate burger 2 (McDonalds) and thought it was Wendy’s. He gave it a 7 and stated that he actually liked the McDonald’s burger (burger 1) better. So therefore he liked burger 1 the best, which was indeed Wendy’s. Simple.

His boys though, believed that he like McDonald’s the best and NOT Wendy’s. The ensuing car ride was full of arguing over who was right.

In the end, El Pres was correct. Wendy’s won, fair and square, plain and simple, just like that. Game, set, match…… point, game over, new game.


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