Patriots Screwjob in Carolina

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 11.59.52 PM

Hey Gronk! I love you man! Give me a hug! Oh, you tryna catch that pass? According to Gerry Austin, it’s uncatchable, even though I am preventing you to catch it.

What an unreal finish to MNF. Pass Interference on the last play, the flag is thrown, and then without any explanation it’s picked up. Even Brett Hart probably thinks the Patriots got screwed, and he knows something about screwjobs.

I would almost rather a non call. But the fact that they threw the flag and then picked it up, no explanation is terrible. Absolutely terrible. This ending makes the replacement refs call in the Green Bay Seattle game look good.

And I love old geezer Gerry Austin’s explanation about how it was the correct call, saying how the ball was uncatchable. No kidding! Gronk was being held. How else it he supposed to catch it? That’s the whole fricken’ point of the Pass Interference penalty.

Austin on Gronk –“He was going where he wanted to go even though the guy had his arms around him.”  Yeah, Gronk wanted to run out of the endzone. That’s exactly where he wanted to go. Unreal. – Jon Gruden can’t believe Austin’s explanation.

OK. So did this play cost the Patriots the game? Well, they had some bad defense on Carolina’s go ahead score in 4th and Ridley’s fumble was big (basically took 3 points off the board since, worst case, they could have gotten a field goal) and they definitely could have played better. BUT, did this play cost the Patriots a chance at trying to win the game? Absolutely.


2 thoughts on “Patriots Screwjob in Carolina

  1. The call was right, and so is Austin, Sean. Gronk wanted to go the back of the end zone, and there is no way he’s stopping his 6-foot-6 frame from a downfield move to a spot many yards in front of that and to his right. The ball was badly underthrown and uncatchable by Gronk.

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