The Great Sandwich Showdown – PB&J vs Ham and Cheese




In my life, these is no doubt in my mind that these two sandwiches have made up the majority of my lunches. Whether it was school or just being home, PB&J or Ham and Cheese were always safe bets.

Now the question is, which one wins? If I had to pick only 1 to eat, what would I choose?

Now before I go into my indepth sandwich analysis, I feel I should state that I’m talking about a plain ham and cheese sandwhich, nothing else. No lettuce or tomato or anything. Bread can be anything though, so sub roll, sandwich bread, white or wheat, whatever. For PB&J, I go creamy PB with strawberry jelly. Never had grape. Don’t plan on it either.

With that out of the way, I will say that I was late to the PB&J game. For whatever reason, I didn’t eat them as much when I was younger. It was ham and cheese, and I think for that reason, I have to choose ham and cheese over PB&J.

For one thing, PB&J can get a little sloppy if you add to much. No one likes a soggy sandwich. Ham and cheese though, you can add as much ham or cheese as you like as long as your choice of bread can contain it all. Due to that, it can be more filling. When I go peanut butter and jelly, it’s a minimum of 2 sandwiches. And sometimes it can be tough to get the ratio of jelly to peanut butter correct. Too little jelly makes for a dry sandwich. Too much peanut butter and you’ll be chewing for days. So with that in mind…

Verdict – Ham and Cheese wins

We’ll see what Nando’s take on this is.


2 thoughts on “The Great Sandwich Showdown – PB&J vs Ham and Cheese

  1. Gee, this is a tough one! Salty versus sweet… If it was a grilled cheese without the ham, then maybe I’d go for that one. But ham and cheese over peanut butter with marmalade? I’ll have to take the peanut butter and jelly. Of course, a PB&J is good with a slice of cheese inside there too, especially sharp cheddar with the bread toasted. Yum!

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