PB&J vs Ham + Cheese

We’ll get right to the bottom line here…


Winner: Ham and Cheese

I had PB&J everyday for lunch in school. That’s all 10 grades worth (graduated early).  I love PB&J…but my mom made it for me and nowadays Sean is totally right about getting the ratio perfect – its a witch.

Ham + Cheese is more filling, its more manly, it can be served with extra toppings, on a bun, grilled, panini style, you name it.  Can’t pull that shiazy with PB&J because it can only be served in one form.  Gimme a ham + cheese with potato chips anyday of the week, and twice on Sundays.

PS – It’s like day 5 of running this blog and we’re already onto quality, page-turning topics like this. Look outttttt internet F&F is herreeee boiiiii


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