Happy Half Day Hump Day

half day school

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is pretty much the laziest day in the school year, especially for high schoolers. First off, its a half day. Second, the last hour is a pep rally. So there is only like 3 hours of actual class time, and if you luck out and have gym as one of those classes or some b.s. elective, you’re down to 2. Those two classes will probably consist of watching a movie or doing “group” work which basically means talk to everyone around you. Everyone has that one teacher the tries to actually teach. Hopefully they give up within the first 10 or 15 minutes and just go with a movie.

On a side note, movies in school were always a toss up. It could be good or worse than actual school work. Plus, you’ll always have the teacher that has no idea how to work a VCR or DVD player and spends 10 minutes trying to figure that out (“Hit rewind! No. You just skipped back 2 scenes. Go forward. No, now that’s the end credits!”). Everyone in class knew how to do it, but no one would ever want to volunteer to be the kid that gets the movie going.




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