Package Tracking is the Worst Best Invention Ever


You buy something online. You get an email saying it shipped. And then you spend the next 5 to 7 days mindlessly refreshing the UPS tracking page to see how far it’s gotten, only to get the same “In Transit” status. It goes days at a time without any updates. You start wondering where your package is. Why isn’t it updating?

The worst is when you get within the final day or two of the estimated package delivery day. You see that it was scanned in in a town like 20 minutes away from you, but its a Saturday and now you have to wait until Monday.

And when it finally arrives, the UPS guy just leaves it by your doorstep. I don’t even think they ring the bell nowadays. Its sitting out there, cold and alone, until you finally check the tracking and see its been at your front door for the last 3 hours.

Worst best invention ever.


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