So, the Army makes clothes now?

rock army – Last week, Elle informed its readers that military inspired style was making a comeback — in the words of the magazine, “North Korea chic.” Thanks to the good people at the Authentic Apparel Group, average Joes can now stay on trend with a new U.S. Army-licensed clothing line available exclusively on It’s the first time the U.S. Army has extended its brand to an original line of consumer clothing and, surprisingly, it doesn’t disappoint. Neither does its spokespersonmodel: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who has signed on as the public face of the clothing line.

I gotta hand it to the Army. People have been making clothes based off of old WWII and Vietnam era military jackets for a little while now, so it makes sense for the people who made it famous to cash in on it.

The Rock as the spokesperson is a A+ move too. You can’t not like they guy.

The only weird thing is some of the clothes have a US ARMY tag above the pocket. Just seems weird wearing clothes with that on it if you aren’t actually in the US Army.

You can check out all the gear here –

Sidenote – I’m totally making that hand gesture in all my pics from now on


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