Yanks Sign Ellsbury, 7 years – $153 Million


SI – Free-agent center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury agreed Tuesday to a seven-year deal worth $153 million with the New York Yankees, reports CBSSports.com’s Jon Heyman.

The deal will be complete pending Ellsbury passing a physical, according to the report. The deal includes an eighth-year option and takes the deal’s total value to $169 million if it is exercised.


Jacoby Ellsbury doing the Johnny Damon thing. I liked Ells, but I wouldn’t want the Sox to pay that much for a guy who basically was hurt every other season it seemed. Was good in 07 in the playoffs, had really nice years in 08 and 09, then gets hurt in 2010 and only plays 18 game. Should have been the MVP in 2011, but then he gets hurt again in 2012 and only plays 74 games. He was solid this past year, but for that money, the Yanks can have him. Unless he’s gonna be like Ortiz this year at the end of that contract (when he’s 37), his biggest asset is speed and that goes down with age.

Curious to what number he’ll wear since 2 is taken by the shortstop…Derek Jeetah. (Yeah Jeets)

It guess it’s officially JB2 Time (That’s my nickname for Jackie Bradley Jr., I hope it catches on)



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