How to Buy a Christmas Tree featuring Marion Gaborik

Ok, so this is a few years old (from the last NHL 24/7 in 2011-2012) but it always makes me laugh. Gaborik telling the lady he’s looking for a Christmas tree. No kidding dude, you walked by like 50 of them on the sidewalk.

Best part is just throwing it over his shoulder and walking back to his apartment. Like a boss.

On a side note, who needs a receipt for a Christmas tree? Do people return them? Do you really need to prove you bought it?

“I don’t know man, I think you stole that tree”

-“No check it out, I have the receipt”

“Oh, well clearly I was wrong as you have provided me with all the correct documentation of that tree purchase”

Merry Christmas, and if you haven’t got a tree yet, what are you waiting for? You only have have a week until your gonna have to toss that sucker on the side of the road.






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