Jared Sullinger’s Tip of the Century From Last Night

Sully with the tip with 0.2 left in the first. Wallace gets a ton of credit for being on point with that pass.

The best part of the video isn’t even the actual play. Its Tommy Heinson and the old “I’m gonna say this isn’t gonna happen but when it does happen I still get credit for calling it since if I did call it, it wouldn’t have happened”.

Everyone knows what I’m talking about. At the beginning of a possession in basketball or before the a faceoff, pitch, or ball being snapped, we sometimes call out what we think will happen.

“Pick 6”


“Strikeout looking”

Some times we’re right, others not, but sometimes the chance of what we want to happen is so slim that if we say it will happen, we jinx ourselves. So we have to reverse it and say it won’t happen, and then it will.

“David Ortiz with the based loaded in the 8th? No way he hits a grand slam”

BTW, Jeff Green’s reaction is great.

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