Top 10 Entenmann’s Products

entenmanns logo

If you don’t know what Entenmann’s is or never have had it, I don’t know what planet you live on. If you are one of these people, Entenmann’s makes those bakery style cakes and desserts along with breakfast food like muffins and donuts. Everyone has probably encountered Entenmann’s food at some point in there life. Since me and Nando have always had Entenmann’s in our lives, I thought it would be appropriate to rank our favorite foods.

First up, my list.

10. All Butter Loaf Cake (aka Pound Cake)

pound cake

Coming in at the 10 spot for me is good old pound cake. Literally the most plain and basic cake known to man, and thats the beauty of it. Alone, the cake is still good, but it is more so a base for a more elaborate dessert like Strawberry Short Cake.

9. Mini Cookies

entenmanns cookies

I love cookies. Entenmann’s ones are no joke either. The reason they get the 9 spot is 1) they are small, like half dollar sized and 2) after a day or two, they lose their freshness and become less appealing. You almost have to crush a box day of purchase to really enjoy them.


8. Chocolate Chip Pound Cake

chocolate chip loaf

Whoa, Pound Cake on the list again! This time it’s not the plain version but the one covered with powdered sugar and peppered with choclate chips. Believe it or not, this was a breakfast food in my house. It’s basically a piece of muffin bread. Just cut off a nice slice and you’re good to go.

7. Thick Fudge Iced Golden Cake

entenmanns golden fudge

This is a solid cake. Yellow cake with chocolate frosting is a great combo. One of the downfalls of this cake, and any other Entenmann’s cake is the frosting. It’s good, but it never stays on the damn cake. You put your fork in the cake and you take the whole sheet of frosting off of your piece. Now you have to fiddle with it and try to get it back on, or just leave it off and use it like a side dish: get a little piece of cake on the fork and then a little bit of frosting.

6. Marshmallow Iced Devil’s Food Cake

marshmallow cake

This is essentially the reverse of number 7. Kind of. Chocolate cake with vanilla frosting sprinkled with crumbs from the cake. I’ve always wondered if this was a accident or did the baker think a plain white frosted cake didn’t look as good.

5. Chocolate Chip Iced Cake

mocha cake

Ok, here’s the deal. They used to make a cake that was round and it had the mocha frosting in the middle. That cake was great but I guess it’s no longer made (not on the site). This cake is basically the same thing but the mocha ¬†frosting is on top like the rest of the other cakes. But is it my top cake?…..

4. Donuts (Variety Pack)

entenmanns dounts

This is going to be a ranking with in a ranking. 1) Glazed 2) Chocolate Covered 3)Crumb Cake 4) Plain.

3. Chocolate Fudge Cake

entenmanns fudge cake

More cake again, but this time is the double chocolate. It MUST be accompanied with a large glass of milk. Might be the best frosting of all the cakes. Really fudgey and whenever I eat it I feel like that kid in Matilda that had to eat the whole cake in front of the entire school.

2. Pop ‘Ems

pop ems

Remember those donuts from number 4? Well here’s what they did with the middle. Now I know everyone probably calls this Munchkins from Dunkin Donuts, but for me, Pop ‘Ems were my first foray into donut hole bite size donuts. Glazed are good and so are the chocolate.

And Now For Number 1 ……

1. Cheesecake


cheesecake 2

Curveball right? I bet no one saw this coming. I didn’t either. But when I finally thought about it, it was the one Entenmann’s food I wanted the most. Now I don’t know if its avaliable all the time and I know I haven’t had it in years, but believe me, it’s good. Nice creamy cheese cake covered with whatever it’s covered with and topped with a little cherry right in the center (not pictured but believe me, some of them had them). I definitely could eat a whole thing by myself.

So there you have it, a countdown of my favorite Entenmann’s food products. Go buy some Entenmann’s!


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