Donnie Does Thailand – Full Moon Party

Isn’t this Donnie Does China? Well not for this episode. He takes a camera and a producer to Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand to see if they can make a better travel show than that smug prick Anthony Bourdain (his words not mine). It also just happen to be a big coincidence that it was  at the same time as the Full Moon Party *wink wink*. Nevertheless, Donnie shows us what its like partying with a bunch of people from around the world in Thailand.

So, to answer the question of is his a better show than Anthony Bourdain’s? Well, I don’t watch Anthony Bourdain’s show so I couldn’t really tell you. But I’ll say, yeah. Plus this was only part 1. Part 2 is coming this Wednesday, January 8th.

BTW, his producer guy looks kinda like that Scott dude from the Kardashians. Just a little. Like a slightly chubbier version.



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