BBWAA Kicks out LeBatard After Giving Vote to Deadspin

mlb hof

Yesterday the inductees into the Baseball Hall of Fame were announced. While there was much talk about who got in, it was overshadowed by the voters, the process, and the fact that Deadspin had a vote. Although it was known for some time now that Deadspin had a vote, it wasn’t until yesterday that it was revealed that it was Dan LeBatard of ESPN who gave up his vote to Deadspin.

Today, the news broke that LeBatard was kicked out of the BBWAA and bared from any future HOF votes.

I have ZERO shock at this. The BBWAA just seems like a bunch of old cranky guys that probably have 0 idea what Deadspin is and probably could care less. It’s like Bug Selig. He claims he has never sent an email and doesn’t plan on it. Why? What kind of stand are you taking by not sending an email? How old school can you be before you look like an idiot for not adapting with times.

Anyway, back to the voting.

You know who should really be kicked out of the BBWAA? All the guys who didn’t vote for Greg Maddux. How does he not get 100% of the vote? I know it’s never happened and, you know what, it probably won’t either because there are some jerk writers who want to keep it that way.

As seen in this piece on Fox Sports, 16 people left Maddux off of their ballots. 16! That’s crazy. Every year when the HOF voting is done, all the discussion is about who didn’t get in and the voters rather than the players who actually did get in. Frank Thomas, Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine all 100% deserve to be in the HOF. No question. I don’t know how anyone else can say otherwise. But apparently there are people who don’t agree.

If there is anything that I learned from all of this is that the voting process is a joke. And its a shame since the Baseball Hall of Fame is a such a prestigious institution.


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