How many saved emails is too many?

inbox full

I’m checking my email like I always do and I noticed I the last 10 or so emails are all Twitter stuff and then I asked myself “Why haven’t I deleted all of this yet?”. Then I see that I have a little over 2600 saved emails on my account, and that’s only 5% of my total allowed storage. I have some dating back to 2004. 2004! Why?! I don’t even know. Sentimental reasons perhaps? Nope, not really. I don’t even care about those emails, but I just have never deleted them and I just don’t care at this point.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are some emails, for whatever reason, you won’t delete. Someone famous on Twitter replies to you, you probably save that email. I do anyway. Funny emails, important ones, those don’t get deleted.

I’ll usually delete all the crap messages, but anything I actually read, I don’t delete it. Not right away anyway. After that, it piles up until the next batch of messages come in. 

My other question is, does anyone have 0 emails in their account? Like, do they read their daily emails, delete them, and have a balance of 0 at the end of every day?

Am I living in crazy town by not deleting these old messages that I have no use for or is this just a common thing by everyone? I mean, people are lazy. I can’t be only right?


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