Kobe Drops in on Class at BC

kobe boston college


There’s always some old guy in every class

ESPN – Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant was drafted directly out of high school in 1996, so he never had the opportunity to experience college life first-hand. The injured superstar took the time to rectify that Thursday night. While traveling with the Lakers, who face theBoston Celtics on Friday, Bryant sat in on a class at Boston College. No word yet on Bryant’s class participation grade, though he certainly was a hit with his temporary classmates.


So I blogged about how Peyton was pretty funny in his press conference and now Kobe comes and does this. Two guys who I hate playing against. I hate Kobe in the game, and well, I’m not a huge fan of Kobe off the court either, but you can’t deny that this was pretty cool.


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