Johan Hill Got Paid $60,000 For “The Wolf of Wall Street”

MSN – Jonah Hill took quite the pay cut for his decadent role in “The Wolf Of Wall Street.”The 30-year-old actor admitted on Tuesday’s “The Stern Show” that he wanted to be in Martin Scorsese’s film so badly that he did the film for $60,000. Jonah plays Jordan Belfort’s (Leonardo DiCaprio) sidekick, Donnie Azoff. His devotion to the role paid off. Jonah was nominated for an Oscar this year for his part in the movie, and the film has grossed over $91 million domestically.

Jonah Hill, man. Wanted to be in a movie with Leo so bad he basically did it for free.(Johnny Depp gets $20 million a movie, I’m guessing Leo has to get the same or even more).I know the article said he wanted to be in Scorses’s film, but come on, you know the real reason was just so he had an excuse to hang around with Leo for 7 months. And you know what, you can’t blame him. Who wouldn’t? You get to hang out on yachts and go swimming with your shirt on and no one can give you crap about it because you’re with Leo.

jonah leo 4 jonah hill leo jonah hill leo 3 Exclusive  Leonardo DiCaprio Gets Very Flirty With a Mystery Woman on a Yacht Party


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