Georgia Gets 3″ of Snow, Chaos Ensues

Take a look. One of these pictures is real. Can you guess which one?

georgia snow georgia walking dead


Come on Georgia. It looks like the Walking Dead down there (which if you didn’t know is filmed in Georgia).

ATLANTA — A winter storm dumped snow on parts of north Georgia and coated the metro Atlanta region. Much of Georgia was under a winter storm watch for Tuesday and Wednesday, with some areas forecast to see as much as 3 inches of snow.

People stocked up on ice-melting chemicals, school systems closed and road crews fought against heavy traffic to treat highways to stave off black ice accumulations.

Gov. Nathan Deal declared a state of emergency. Deal spokesman Brian Robinson said the emergency declaration would free up resources the state can use to address emergency situations as they arise. State government offices were expected to be closed until noon Wednesday, Robinson said.


Ok, I get it. I doesn’t usually snow in the South. But come on, 3 inches! I had to bold that line, as much as 3 inches. Here in Massachusetts, or the Northeast, or basically the Northern half of the country, 3 inches means I barely snowed. You don’t even have to shovel 3 inches. The news makes it seems like they got 3 feet or something.

I got 3 tips for all people living in the south for when it snows.

1. Drive Slower

2. Don’t PANIC! Are you serious! Spending 15 hours in your car!

3. That’s it. Simple.




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