The Time Has Come….

super bowl 48

Super Bowl Sunday. It is here. Only a little more than 2 hours away until kickoff.

I am pulling for the Seahawks (kinda  a no brainer given where I am) but there is one reason why I would accept Manning winning the Super Bowl tonight:

If he retires.

I mean, if Manning retires and pulls an Elway (which seems unlikely at this point given what he’s said all week) and goes out on top, that means there would be no more Peyton Manning to worry about for the Patriots. Next year Denver would not be a problem. Brady would be on top and even with Manning’s win, still have more Super Bowl titles.

Here is my prediction for tonight


I think it will be a close game decided in the final 3 minutes. Not saying it will be a GW field goal kick, but something will happen in those final 3 minutes that decides the Champion. Turn over. Touchdown. Streaker running on the field. Peyton being so tired of saying Omaha he physically can’t and the entire Denver offense is ruined. Something.

I’m also saying Bon Jovi makes an appearence at the Half Time show (which I will half pay attention to. That’s why it’s really called the Half Time show, you only give it half your attention #Badjoke #hashtageinablog)

Anyway, here’s a look at the map of who wants who to win:

super bowl map 2The new maps has Maine and Newhampshire joining Massachusetts and Rhode Island in states pulling for Seattle. Connecticut is half New York fans (I guess Vermont too) so it’s never really surprising when Connecticut doesn’t go with the rest of New  England.

This image is one I blogged after the Conference Championship game. No New Hampshire or Maine here.

superbowl map

As for prop bets tonight. I usually only do 2, coin toss and Gatorade color.

Coin Toss – Heads

Gatorade Color – Lemon Lime

That’s it. Enjoy the game tonight. And the commercials. And also tolerate any annoying people or uneducated sports fans if you have any at your Super Bowl parties.


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