Forget Burgers, What About Meatball Subs?

meatball sub mess

Can I just eat a meatball sub with out this happening? Just once?

I saw on Barstool El Pres blogged about some Japanese scientists finding out a more efficient way to eat burger without getting a mess everywhere from the ingredients falling out. This “cyclops” method (Copyright David Portnoy) involves holding the burger with your thumbs and pinkies under the sancwhich and your other 3 fingers on top. This supposedly keeps the burger intact through the act of consuming the food.

This is great and dandy in all, but how about they solve a more important problem when it comes to sandwiches with ingredients falling out. I’m talking about the meatball sub.

I say it is near impossible to eat one without at least 1 meatball falling out. A fork and knife are a necessity just to pick up the fallen meatballs and try to lay them back in the sub roll. I can’t even get a meatball sub anymore because I know it will become a big mess (if I do get one, I always get it with American cheese and a little oregano, mayble a little parmesan cheese as well. Toasted).

I challenge anyone out there to figure out the best way of eating a meatball sub (footlong) and not have any meatballs fall out.

meatball sub

This is what a meatball sub will never look like in real life. I mean, look at it. As soon as that thing is lifted up, half of those meatballs are going down. No way they stay in the roll. They talk about how Photoshopped models set unrealistic goals for young women, well I say the same goes for food. No one ever gets a sub that looks like this. False advertising.


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