Pedro, Clemens, Nomar, and Joe Castiglione Inducted into Red Sox Hall of Fame

This might be the only Hall of Fame Clemens gets in. I have no problem with him getting in the Sox Hall of Fame. For all we know, all his steroid/performance enhancing drugs were after the Sox. I’m pretty sure he struck out those 20 Tigers back in ’86 without and PEDs. From 1984-1996, Rodger had some pretty good years with the Sox.

Pedro is a no brainer. Guy was lights out for most of his stay in Boston from 1998-2004. Won a title, a Cy Young winner twice in Boston. And who could forget him starting the 1999 All Star Game and just blowing pitches past the best NL batters.

Nomar is my guy. Favorite player growing up. It always hurts a little to know he didn’t get to a World Series with the Sox, getting so close in 2003. His trade back in ’04 was a shock to me. His return to Fenway, however, was on of the great moments of that park. Two minute standing ovation. Chills city.

Castiglione is a voice we all recognize on the radio. He’s been doing it for a while so it makes sense to get him in the Hall.


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