Geographical NFL Divisions

nfl geo divisions

You may have seen this image going around the web lately. A redditor (Nevermore60) made up some NFL divisions based on geographical context.

All I know looking at it is Seattle gets a lot of miles on its plane. The closest trip for them is to Oakland. They’re so lonely up in the Pacific Northwest. But they just won the Super Bowl, so I guess that doesn’t factor in at all.

The NFC North actually stays the same, so I guess there’s no problem from any of those fans if they like how its going.

The AFC East, AFC West, and AFC North are 3/4ths the same, with the Giants kicking out Miami in the East, the Rams taking the place of the Chargers in the West, and the Colts bumping out the Ravens in the North (I couldn’t think of a Baltimore/Colts joke to go here, but if I did, I would have put one in).

Speaking of the Super Bowl, this map doesn’t explain if there are any conferences. How do the playoff’s work? Is it just the top 12 teams? New playoff format? It is always interesting looking at a league without conferences seeing all the potential Super Bowl match ups that could never happen before.


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