Derek Jeter’s Girlfriend Mt. Rushmore

jeter mt rushmore

Mt. Rushmore, so hot right now, Mt. Rushmore. Ever since LeBron came out and said he’d be on the NBA Mt. Rushmore, ESPN took off and now every single segment on Sportscenter has a “____ Mt. Rushmore”. The Yankees Mt. Rushmore, NASCAR Mt. Rushmore, you name it, they’ve probably discussed it on ESPN within the last 24 hours.

This is one Mt. Rushmore they didn’t discuss though, so I took it into my own hands to do it.

I present my own Mt. Rushmore of Derek Jeter’s most notable lady friends. 

jeter gf

This graphic is the basis of my choices.

For me, there are two clear no brainers – Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Biel. They have to be on everyones Mt. Rushmore of Jeter’s girlfriends.

Now for the next two spots, that’s where it gets a little tricky to narrow it down. I’ll have to add Jessica Alba in there.

The last spot is pretty tough. I considered Minka Kelly, but she isn’t close to the fame of Mariah Carey. On the other hand, Mariah is a little past here prime now, so in the end though, I think I’ll have to go with Adriana Lima (Marko Jaric’s wife. Figure that out). That actually wasn’t that hard of a pick.

So that’s my Mt. Rushmore of Derek Jeter’s dates.


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