Hennessey Venom Tops Veyron. 270 MPH.

venom gt usa


So what if we lost to Finland in the Bronze game or to the women lost to Canada in the Gold medal game? You know what we have that they don’t? The world’s fastest production car*. Ok, it technically can’t hold that title by Guiness World Record standards because they didn’t do 2 runs in opposite directions

“However. Despite going quicker than the Veyron Super Sport, the Venom can’t call itself the fastest production car in the world, at least not in the eyes of Guinness. See, to qualify for a Guinness speed record, a car must make two runs, one in either direction, with the two top speeds averaged out for the official time.

In 2010, the Veyron SuperSport hit 265.96mph on its upwind leg, and 269.86mph on its downwind leg. Neither figure, as you’ll notice, is as rapid as the Venom’s 270.49mph.┬áSo why didn’t Hennessey do another run in the opposite direction? Blame the space dudes.

“We wanted to run in both directions, but the NASA guys wouldn’t let us. Getting into NASA isn’t easy. It was a two-year process,” company boss John Hennessey told Top Gear. He confirmed the car would have been mechanically fine for a return run, and that the single run didn’t take advantage of any significant wind assistance. “The morning was relatively calm, about a 3mph quarter-crosswind. If we’d run in both directions, the result would have been pretty much the same.”

Still pretty sweet nonetheless.


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