March Madness – NFL Uniform Concept Edition

It’s March. That means it’s time for some madness. But this isn’t the fill-out-a-bracket-with-the-best-most-comprehensive-way-possible-only-to-lose-to-some-lady-who-made-her-picks-based-on-jersey-colors March Madness. This is time for some crazy, and what I like to consider, some cool looking NFL concept uniforms.

The point of this whole thing is to change up the look of all 32 NFL teams. Some may be very drastic, others a little more subtle, but they will all be different in some way or another.

Every day for the month of March I’ll post a new concept uniform for an NFL team. This will be in no particular order. Completely random. These will be all made by me. I’m not a 100% sure, but I think I got the template off Deviant Art from user Rezland. It was a few years ago though. Anyway, on to the concepts…..

To start things off on the first day of March I have the first team alphabetically: The Arizona Cardinals. (Click for full size pic)

arizona cardinals concept

For this concept, I used the state flag of Arizona as the “theme” for the entire uniform, bringing in blue to the color scheme (something that was done as an alternate jersey years ago). The blue pants mimic the blue bottom of the flag and the rays of sun on the shoulders do the same for the top of the flag. I also carried over those stripes to the socks. I got rid of the black on the logo and changed it to navy blue.

Arizona Flag

It may be obvious to some, but this uniform was heavily inspired by the University of Maryland Flag Uniforms

That’s it for today. Tomorrow brings another team.


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