NFL Uniform Concept Day 3 – Green Bay Packers

Today we have the Green Bay Packers. A team with a classic look that has changed very little over the years.

packers concept 2


This one has a lot of changes (Click for full size pic)

-Pants go from yellow to green

-Socks go from green to yellow

-Jersey has the obvious change with the stripe across the chest that also continues on the sleeves. The Green Bay G logo makes it was onto the sleeves as well.

The stripe is then replicated on the helmet.

The stripe idea was based on hockey jerseys like the Canadiens who have the middle stripe around the chest. Northwestern also did a similar thing recently.

I wanted this uniform to be different enough from their current uniforms but at the same time not be so futuristic looking (like the Seahawks for example).

That’s it for today, look for a new one tomorrow.


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