NFL Uniform Concept Day 4 – Pittsburgh Steelers

It’s day 4 and the concept uniform for today is the Pittsburgh Steelers.

This jersey has a very different look than the current set.

steelers concept

The bottom half of the uniform remains the same (same socks and pants) but the jersey a helmet are new.

First, the jersey is based off of an old Steelers design

One huge change is the logo on the jersey front with the number replacing the “Steelers” text.

I also carried this over to the helmet, but without the white background and grey circle. The Chargers famously have worn numbers on the side of their helmets in years past, so I brought that idea to the Steeler’s helmets.

The facemask changed from black to white. I also realize I have the logo on the non logo side. That’s just since the helmet template I used is facing that direction. I would stay with the 1 sided logo.

That’s it for today. Look for a new concept tomorrow.


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