NFL Uniform Concept Day 5 – Dallas Cowboys

Here’s another team with a classic look.

As classic as it is though, it does have it’s little quirks like the white jersey sets having a more royal blue combine with those greenish bluish tinted pants while the dark jersey’s have a navy blue and regular silver.

I kept that special blue/green tinted silver pants for the home white jerseys.

cowboys away cowboys homeI did keep the blue consistent through both sets of uniforms.

The white shoulder yoke is kind of a nod to the Thanksgiving throwbacks they usually wear.

I also added a star pattern on the top of the shoulders, an idea I directly stole from Nike’s Team USA Hockey jersey’s from the Olympics.

What team better than the Cowboys to have a star pattern on it’s jersey? I also put it into the number font, as well as the helmet. It may be a little over kill on stars on the helmet, but I think its subtle enough to not be distracting while also being a unique look.



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