NFL Uniform Concepts Day 8 – Cleveland Browns

Word on the street is that the Browns are the next team to get the Nike redesign treatment next season. It will be interesting since their Tampa Bay uni’s haven’t been received to well.

Anyway, I decided to changed the Browns look but still keep it classy.

First, a logo was put on the helmet.

browns concept 2 home 2

browns concept 2 away 2

The Browns have this great logo, perfect for a helmet, but it rarely ever see it used for anything. That was all I changed for the helmet.

Next, I took the stripe from that logo and used it as a design element across the chest of the jersey.

I also got a little combo crazy with this set and made 6 possible uniforms.

The “Brownie” look

browns concept 2 home 3

browns concept 2 home

browns concept 2 away

browns concept 2 away 3

We’ll only have to wait and see what Nike does.


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