NFL Uniform Concepts Day 9 – Carolina Panthers

The Panthers got new logo’s recently but haven’t changed uniforms since becoming a team. Their uniforms are pretty nice but like every team I will have to change it up a bit.

Like the Browns concept, I got a little happy with all the combos between pants and jerseys.

One thing I did for this set was make the helmet have a color shift like the Jaguars did a few years back. I also ditched the silver all together.

(Jaguars Color Shift Helmet)

Primary Home

panthers concept 2 v3

Blacked Out Panther – For a team named after an all black animal, I think all black uniforms work.panthers concept 2

Blue Alternate
panthers concept 2 v4 Blue Pants Alternatepanthers concept 2 v2 Carolina Blue Setpanthers concept 2 v5


And the 3 away sets

Primary Away

panthers concept 2 away 1 panthers concept 2 away 3

I’m not a huge fan of the blue pants/white jersey combo. The pants look out of place to me.panthers concept 2 away 2


I kept the striping very thin on these and utilized them as kind of an outline.


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