NFL Uniform Concepts Day 10 – St. Louis Rams

The Rams are the next team I decided to make a uniform for.

I didn’t do too much to their uniforms. The helmet logo is one of the best but since I wanted to changed it a little, I added a texture pattern to it and gave it a slight shadow around the horn. I also gave the helmet a matte finish.

The gold was changed to more of a caramel gold/yellow color. It’s not quite the yellow of their old uniforms, a little orangier, but I think it works.

Other than that, the design is similar. I kept the contrasting colored shoulder/sleeve area like the current ones but made the gold stripe a horn as well. It’s tough to see from this angle, but you can see the tip of the horn comes around right above the cuff of the sleeve.

rams concept home 2 rams concept home


I like the helmet, but I can see why people wouldn’t.

Here is the helmet minus the texture.

rams helmet 2


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