NFL Uniform Concepts Day 12 – San Diego Chargers and Philadelphia Eagles

I missed a blog for these yesterday so I have two for today.

First up, the Chargers.

The chargers have ALWAYS had the lightning bolt on the shoulders. So to be different, I had to change it up. They are still on the shoulders, but this time they go horizontal and also act as a trim for the top of the jersey to be a different color.

Helmets went from white to powder blue as well. Many teams have white helmets, none that I could think of have a powder blue helmet currently.

chargers concept home chargers concept home 2And the Away uniforms

chargers concept away 2 chargers concept away

Next, its the Eagles.

Went back to the kelly green that everyone seems to like so much. I also added grey to the color scheme.

eagles concept home

eagles concept away

Kind of a throwback look with a modern design.

Should have a new set for tomorrow.

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