NFL Uniform Concepts – Make Up Days – Lions, Giants, and Bears

I skipped a few days so I’m here with 3 concepts to make up some time.


First up, the Detroit Lions.

The jersey is pretty simple, it just has 2 huge shoulder logos (similar to the late 90’s Patriots). The logo is just the head of the lion from the helmet logo. I limited the black except for outlining the lion heads and number to make them easier to see.

The facemask also went back to blue.

lionshome lionsaway



New York Giants

Here, one of the big changes was the oval added to the helmet. I thought about a white helmet but I thought the white helmet with the blue jersey looked to much like the Bills.

I replaced the grey pants with white as well. The stripe on the socks is based on the sleeve stripes of the Giants uni’s from the late 80’s early 90’s. I added the red to the home jersey since they isn’t any on the current ones.
giants home giants away


Sock stripe reference



Chicago Bears

The Bears have such a classic look that hasn’t really been toyed with too much over the years, but I did take some inspiration from a really old jersey and used it to created some vertical striping on the jersey (once again, taken from the late 90’s Patriots jerseys).

I also used the solid number no outline like the Bear’s throwbacks.

The shoulder striping is a stylized version of the current sleeve stripes minus the white outline. I also tried a giant solid orange stripe down the helmet. Not sure how I like it but it’s different.

Facemasks also went to orange from navy blue.

bearshome bearsaway


Patriots jersey for reference

Here are the Bear’s 1920 throwbacks with the vertical striping



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