Tough End to the Bruins Season, Similar to Other Recent Boston Losses

It seems if you’re a fan of Boston sports, you either win big or lose big. Nothing in between. Don’t get me wrong, we’re all spoiled with all of the success and championships from the last 12 years. There are, however, just as many lows to go with that. Here’s my quick rundown.

Highest Highs

  • 2002 Super Bowl Champions
  • 2004 Super Bowl Champions
  • 2004 World Series Champions
  • 2005 Super Bowl Champions
  • 2007 World Series Champions
  • 2008 NBA Champions
  • 2011 Stanley Cup Champions
  • 2013 World Series Champions

And the Lows

  • 2003 ALCS Loss (Game 7 Extra inning’s walk off to the Yankees)
  • 2006 AFC Championship Loss (Peyton comes back from 18 down to advance to SB)
  • 2008 Super Bowl Loss (Perfect season ruined in final minutes thanks to miraculous catch, again to New York)
  • 2010 NBA Championship Loss (C’s lose Perkins, fall to rival Lakers in 7 in close defeat)
  • 2010 SC Playoff Loss (B’s blow 3-0 lead against Philly)
  • 2012 Super Bowl Loss (again to the Giants in the same fasion as the previous, de ja vu)
  • 2013 SC Finals (B’s allow 2 goals in 17 in finals minutes of Game 6 in Boston)
  • 2014 AFC Championship (loss to Peyton Manning)
  • 2014 SC Playoff Loss (B’s lose to rival Canadiens in Game 7)

So basically, all of the tough loses come to the biggest rivals of the respective teams. Peyton beats Brady. Yankees beat the Sox. Candiens top Bruins, Lakers over Celtics.

Anyway, enough complaining.

I’ll just leave this Bruins Game 7 before and after photo of Ben Affleck, which sums up how all us Bruins fans feel.

Before Game 7

After Game 7


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