Will History Repeat? Another Kevin From Minnesota going to Boston?

kg kevin love


Seven years ago the Celtics made a blockbuster trade to get Kevin Garnett from the Timbmerwolves, and eventually, get banner 17.

Now, the Celtics have another chance to get the Timberwolves’ biggest start, another Kevin.

Kevin Love.

I would love for this to happen, pun very much intented.

Love and Rondo would seem to be a great combination. If Jeff Green can be a little more consistent, that would be a solid 3 right there.

One big difference between the C’s getting Garnett in ’07 and the possibility of them getting Love this year is the “Ray Allen player”. The Celtics got Ray Allen at the draft and that was the piece that would eventually lead to them getting Garnett. Right now, the only big attraction for Love to play in Boston is Rondo. And maybe the prestige of playing for the most storied and winningest team in the NBA.

The only thing us Celtics fans can do is wait and see. This would be just the boost needed after coming off of the disappointing Bruin’s playoff run.

Best case, the C’s get Love. Worst case, they get a good draft pick. It won’t be bad either way, but I’d love to see Love in green.


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