NYC Man Steal Bread Truck, Make Deliveries

NEW YORK (AP) — Authorities say a man stole a New York City bakery truck and began delivering loaves of bread to random businesses.

Police say David Bastar hopped into the Grimaldi’s Home of Bread truck on Manhattan’s Upper East Side early Monday while the real driver was making a delivery at a pizzeria.

Joe Grimaldi is the owner of the Queens bakery. He says the bandit ‘‘dropped a lot of bread’’ worth about $5,000.

He says the bakery later accommodated all its customers.

Bastar, of Nanuet, has been taken to a hospital for evaluation. He faces charges of criminal possession of stolen goods. It wasn’t immediately clear whether he had a lawyer.

The Joker said in The Dark Knight that “this city deserved a better class of criminal”. Well I think this guy answered that call.

If you’re gonna steal a bread truck, might as well deliver some of the bread. Now, the story would have been funnier if he delivered it to the actual customers. It would almost be hard to even charge the guy with a crime. Like “Hey, I know I stole your truck but I did all the work for you.” Hard to argue that.

The guy being in his underwear too just adds to the story.

Totally something Kramer would do, right?


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