This Dude Missing the Bus Twice And Getting A Lift On A Scooter Brings Up the Question: Is Running After a Bus a Lame Move?

It’s pretty funny when the guy gets off the first time and the bus pulls away again. Good for the guy giving him a lift too. I can totally see that being a movie in the next year or two. Guy picks up stranger who missed bus only to find out stranger has some special thing and now the scooter guy is caught in a web of espionage and…ok, anyway, let’s get back to the question.

Is running after the bus lame? Like, I feel anytime you see someone running after a bus they look like a loser.

This may because in college the shuttle buses than ran to all the campuses came at sporadic times and I always thought you look like such a nerd or a goon running after the bus like you can’t wait to get to class on time. Obviously it sucks to miss a bus, especially when you know it’s gonna be a little while until the next one arrives.

Worse than missing the bus though, was getting rejected. We’d load as many kids onto those shuttle busses (which were basically just regular flat front school buses but they did have nice comfy seats) until we had kids standing right up until the front door.

One time, I was just about to get on, never even occuring to me that I wouldn’t get on, only to have the driver say, sorry, we’re full. You gotta wait for the next one. I’m pretty sure I was the last kid too, like some fat asses couldn’t squeez together a little more and let me one. Who knows, maybe there were a few other kids too, my memory could have me thinking this way for dramatic effect.

Sidenote, the school upgraded the busses my junior year and instead of facing forward, the seats face each other all along the bus. Talk about awkward situations. Just keep your head down and stare at people’s feet.

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