Old Sox vs Rays Pedro Martinez Fight is Great. But the Play-by-Play Guy…

Is it me or is this guy’s voice so fake sounding. It sounds like the black guy doing a white guy voice.



Here are my notes on the video

0:05 – Check out the guy in the second row flinch. Ball wasn’t even near him and he flinched like 2 seconds early. Relax bro.

0:15 – Check out good ol’ Lou Merloni coming in the with the perfect form tackle. There would be less penalties and concussions in the NFL if guys tackled like Lou Merloni.

0:17-0:19 – Brian Daubach’s time in this fight before he got injured. Tough break for the dirt dog. Also at 19 seconds in, look at Pedro get right back in there. He’s not walking away from this. He got knocked down and got right up to get in that pile.

0:44 – How young does Wakefield look here? I mean, I know its from 14 years ago, but I he looks really young. Maybe its that flow he’s got going on, that sweet lettuce, that moss on his head. He might have picked that up from his days with Eck.

2:40 – How about that Rays guy pointing the finger at Daubach. Way to pick on a guy while hes hurt.


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