Outfield Assists, So Hot Right Now. Outfield Assists

First it was Cespedes 2 assists in a row earlier this week. Last night it was the Sox’s Jackie Bradley Jr. showing off the arm.



Bradley’s was a little more straightforward. No playing around with the ball like Cespedes. BTW, that move that Cespedes did, miss the ball, play it off casually, and then gun out the runner trying to advance, that was my move in Ken Griffey Jr Baseball for the N64. Just let the wait to pick up the ball and watch the little icon of the guy you were playing as he tried to advance. Time it right and you always gun him out.

Anyway, Cespedes had the more accurate throw, but Bradley’s was still really impressive, considering he was going in the opposite direction and had to turn around and get all that power on the throw quickly to get the out. Bradley’s was also a double play, so he’s got that going for him too.


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