Jordan’s Derek Jeter RE2PECT Ad is Chill Inducing

As a Red Sox fan, I must say, this is a pretty sweet commercial. Ask any Red Sox fan, there are a handful of Yankees that we like, or for a better term, as the commercial says, respect.

Jeter. Mariano. Torre. Bernie Williams

Maybe Pettitte.

Basically the guys from the 1996-2000 WS titles.

Anyway, back to the commercial.

First of all, GREAT move, even if it’s kind of a no brainer, to have the Red Sox being the opponents. Nice having Lester on the mound. (Although the commercial is already outdated as AJ is gone)

All the cameos were nice to see too. I would have liked a Seinfeld one, I know he’s a Mets guy, but I would just reinforce the whole respect aspect of the commercial. They had everyone from Rudy Guliani to Jay Z, Phil Jackson, Melo, Spike Lee, Billy Crystal, and more. The blurred out faces of the Mets was pretty funny.

Loved the shot of all the retired Yankees and Torre sitting around the table. Awesome.yankees jordan commercial


Mariano, Andy Pettitte, Joe Torre, Tino Martinez, and Jorge Posada.

Now back to baseball. It’s the all star break and yesterday Buchholz threw a complete game, 12 strikeout shutout and Yankees lost to the Orioles in a rain shortened game. It’s all good.

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