The ESPYs Are Tonight, So Let’s Look Back At One of my Favorite ESPY Moments

Justin Timberlake is a good host. Period. SNL, ESPYs, Bingo Night at the Senior Center, he’s do it and do it well.

Back in 2008, he had a great skit/performance with “I Love Sports”.

How old is this video? Well, it’s only in 240p and Greg Oden was only 72 years old then (just about as old as the joke that he is old).

As a Celtics fan, the Celtics part was great, and KG was loving it too.

Here’s another favorite ESPY moment of mine, when Will Ferrell and John C. Riley list their demands to host the ESPYS.

“I want to throw out the first pitch and I want to throw out the last pitch.”

“Get some chariots and reanimate those dead horses!”

“I want to party with Roger Clemens and I want him to remember it”

This may be the best thing Oden’s done. “People tell me I’m hilarious and I’m like ‘Yeah……cool.”

“Great bee pun Adrian”



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