Funniest Moment of the ESPYs – Drake Vs Blake (or Blake vs Drake)

Man, this was some pretty good stuff. I had faith in Drake since he was pretty good on SNL and, like Timberlake, another successful ESPY host, has both the acting and musical talents to be a good host.

Blake Griffin also has a great ablitiy to be funny. All those commercials he’s in are most of the time pretty funny, and it’s him that makes it funny.

This skit with both of them was overall funny and hilarious in parts.

Best part hands down was Drake as Blake talking to Bill Simmons about Blake Griffin’s complexion.

“I kinda look like a black guy that jumped into a pit of Cheetos and just laid there for like 10 days and then popped up”

Line of the night, by far.

Also, Blake as Drake rapping was a total SNL Blizzard Man situation.

Overall, the ESPYs were pretty good. Stuart Scott had a great speech while accepting the Jimmy V Award.

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