Jon Lester On the Market

Boston Globe – The Red Sox, a major league source said Monday, have been informed what kind of contract lefthander Jon Lester is seeking and that has led to the team putting its ace on the trade market.That could be an indication the team has little willingness to sign Lester despite public comments suggesting otherwise. Lester is seeking what was described as a “competitive offer consistent with the market” but nothing that would be considered precedent-setting. The Red Sox made Lester a low-ball offer of four years and $70 million in spring training that was swiftly rejected. The sides since have said negotiations were tabled until after the season.


Well done ownership. You took the ace of the staff and basically drove him out of town with lowball offers. This guy should have been locked up. Look what the Bruins did this past year with Tuukka and Bergy, two of the most important Bruins. They got them for 8 years. Sox were giving out huge contracts to Carl Crawford a few years ago to do nothing and now they have the best pitcher and they somehow can’t afford to spend the money?

His next start is Wednesday against the Blue Jays. I hope it’s not his last in a Sox uniform.


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