Rahat Picking His Nose in Traffic is Comedy Gold

Face it. We all do it.

In the car.

At home.

Whenever, where ever.

Shakira probably does it too.

Picking your nose is just a bodily function that we need to do. I guess some people might be too fancy to use just their bare finger and use a tissue instead, but it’s still nose picking right?

Anyway, on to the video. This is great. People just in awe of how far Rahat’s finger is up his nose. I gotta say, the wiping it on the door was an A+ move, as was the flicking it out the window. Now, this isn’t really a prank since he basically just made a fool of himself for laughs, but sometimes that’s the best way to get laughs.

With all this talk of nose picking in the car, you had to have known this clip was going to be posted here. Maybe one of the best monologue’s of TV history

“Are we not human? If we pick, do we not bleed? I AM NOT AN ANIMAL!”

Also, just for giggles, let’s watch Tony Reali pick his nose and do his spot on Seinfeld.

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