Rejoice! A New USB Connection is here to Solve All of Our Problems

MSN -THE NEXT VERSION of USB connectors are finally ready for production, according to the organisation behind it.

The USB Type-C specification, which is designed to be both reversible and get rid of the problem of figuring out which side is the right way up, similar to Apple’s Lightning connector.

The new reversible design was originally announced last December, and is expected to work with all devices including mobile devices, tablets and laptops. It will be smaller than existing USB cables and will support scalable power charging.

Since it uses a different port, it will mean that existing devices which use the old USB ports will need an adapter for it to work.

The supplement to the new USB is expected to be completed by the middle of next year.


See what I bolded there? I’ll paste it here just in case you didn’t:

“[It will be]both reversible and get rid of the problem of figuring out which side is the right way up”

This is great news for a small problem that annoys all of us. It’s a toss up to correctly plug in any USB cord or flash drive into a USB port. At least 50% of the time you’re wrong.

If the only way to save your life was to correctly put a USB cable into a USB port in one try, half of us wouldn’t be around anymore. 

Also, I don’t have any Mac computers so if this is like that Apple Lightning connector (which I was too lazy to research to see what exactly it was) and this problem has been solved for Mac users, well then, that’s great. But this is news to me and I felt like sharing.



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