Patriots Lose Opener to Dolphins, 33-20.

Well, that wasn’t that fun. But guess what? I ain’t even mad.

The last time the Patriots lost the season opener, it was back in 2003 and they lost to the Bills 31-0.

They also won the Super bowl that year, soooo I’m just hoping this is causation and not just a correlation ( I hope I used those two terms right).

Seriously though, some people act as if 0-1 is a death sentence and the season is over. What have you guys learned over watching the Patriots (or any Boston team for that matter) over the past 13 or so years? Don’t give up so easily.

About the game, they played a good first half. Got some turnovers. Made some plays, but came out flat in the second half. Maybe Brady’s calf was hurting him? Who knows.

All I know is Tom Brady hate’s losing more than he likes winning so maybe him getting ticked off from the get will get him going for the rest of the year.

I am more mad I had Rogers on both of my fantasy teams and he did diddlysquat. 0-2. But like with the Patriots, I’m not worried.


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