Big Day for Sox Fans, Castillo To Make MLB Debut Tonight


Well here it is. They day Red Sox fans have been waiting for (you know, since this season was in the toilet pretty early on). Rusney Castillo will make his MLB debut tonight after basically playing in all the minor league playoffs. NBD, but he led off the Triple A Title game with a solo shot. First pitch. BAM.


First off, that in itself is pretty cool. Work your way up to the Majors by just playing in the playoffs of all the AA and AAA teams. It’s like, “Hey guys, I know I just got here but I’ll help you win in the post season if that’s ok?”.

The only semi sucky thing is that his debut isn’t at Fenway. But he will eventually play there this month so that will be a fun game just to see him.

It’s kind of like the Sox realize this season sucked but they’re letting the fans get a sneak peak at what next year could look like. This is basically the real life version of the Marvel Movies post credits scenes, a little tease for what’s to come next.

FYI, the PawSox lost in a rain soaked game 4-2. But that’s neither here nor there (or maybe it is, I don’t really know).




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